Locker Management Software for Colleges & Universities - LockerGM
Save Time

Save time, reduce costs

Proven system reduces staff time to manage lockers. Streamline registration, payments, renewals, lock rotations and much more.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

No IT involvement required. We help you get setup right. Then we train you and you're ready to go.

Better Experience

A Better Student Experience

No more lineups. Students can easily register, pay and renew online, retrieve combinations by email and much more.

Locker Security

All Kinds of Security

PCI compliant. Enterprise-grade hosting. Restrict access to students only with a school email address. And more.

Top Features For Administrators

Easy To Use

The admin panel streamlines all aspects of managing lockers and other products with ease.


Manage locker and lock inventory and keep track of the rental history.


Use our automated features to save time and create procedures to have an efficient rental process.

Rental Services

Consolidate all your rental services by managing them all through one system. Whether its lockers or rental equipment, LockerGM can manage it for you.

Buildings & Maps

Organize lockers by buildings and subdivisions and upload maps to facilitate students in finding the right locker.


Generate various reports with detailed information on current rentals, returns, lock status and much more.


Reserve blocks of lockers for departments, staff, or groups of students.


Easily communicate with your students by using methods such as bulk notices, reminders, and automated emails.


LockerGM integrates with different systems to maintain a smooth rental process. This includes Single Sign On, Payment Processing and APIs.


The software is available in English, French and Spanish

Custom Rentals

Allow rentals for other rental types such as lock, equipment, parking, etc. Do all your rentals within one software.

Custom User Permissions and Security

Custom permissions per user and two-factor authentication to enhance software security.

Top Features For Students

Self Serve

Allow students to pick their own lockers.

24/7 Access

Students can access their combination and/or receipt from anywhere 24/7.


System will send reminders to the students to cleanup their locker before locker expiry.

Online Locker Renewal and Return

Allow students to renew and return lockers online

Secure Payments Online

Take secure payments online for locker rentals

Access with Single Sign On

Students can access the student portal using their school credentials

Focus on Students, Not Managing Lockers

LockerGM was created because we felt there had to be a better way for Universities and Colleges to deal with the thousands of lockers they manage every semester. And this isn't just about students who have to waste countless hours in lineups to rent their locker.

What we've learned is that while students had a painful experience getting their locker, it is the student unions and operations staff who feel the most pain as they grapple with the high costs and inconvenience to manage distribution of lockers. So LockerGM was born. Our goal is to make the process of renting lockers at schools a painless process for everyone involved.

Can I afford to NOT use LockerGM?

If you're not using LockerGM, you're throwing money out the door, operating inefficiently and not in tune with the possibilities of today's technologies that makes everyone's lives easier. Yes, Locker GM costs money. But here is how you can pay for LockerGM and even have money left over for other budgets:

  • Shave Costs: Using LockerGM allows you to reduce salaries or wages allocated to manager lockers. Our client, the SAIT Students Association, figures that they save close to $20,000 each year by using LockerGM.

  • Charge Students: If you're not already charging students like many universities and colleges, we'll set up online payment acceptance. If you're already charging students, we'll make collection of fees easier and you even have the option to easily charge a little more at any time. If students pay a few dollars each semester – you'll easily cover the cost of a license and likely have money left over for locker repairs or new revenue for your university or college.

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  • Locker Rentals
  • Inventory Management
  • Batch Actions
  • Automated Emails
  • Reports
  • Student Portal Access
  • 1 Admin User
  • Email Support
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for 2,000 lockers

  • All Lite Features
  • Department Reservation
  • Student Self Service Locker Selection
  • Custom Rental Services Option
  • Payment Processor
  • Integration Options
  • 5 Admin Users
  • Phone and Email Support
Custom Integration
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Support for Admin Users
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Look up Combination 24X7
Printable Receipt and Terms & Conditions 24X7
Automated Emails & Reminders
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