Automate Locker Assignment - Locker Management Solution
No More Hassle

No More Hassle

Proven system reduces staff time managing lockers. Streamline assigning lockers and easy combination lookup for students.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

No IT involvement required. We help you get setup right and you're ready to go.

A Better Student Experience

A Better Student Experience

No more lineups. Students can easily register and renew online, retrieve combinations by email and much more.



Yearly subscription is only $550 plus $150 setup fee.

Top Features For Administrators


Select student by grade, gender or homeroom & lockers by building, wing or floor and with a few clicks, the software will assign lockers to each student in the selection.

Batch Upload

Upload student list, new/existing locks and their combination(s), lockers, etc. using excel file.


Flexible organization of lockers by building, floor/wing, grade, gender, home room, size, etc.

Easy Lookup

Filter data by student name, student id, locker #, lock #, rental #, home room, etc.

Buildings & Maps

Create buildings/wings/floor as per your need and upload maps for the same to help students finding their lockers.


Generate various reports by assignment or locker status with combination. Print information on Avery labels.


Reserve blocks of lockers for department, staff or group of students for easier assignments.

Shared Lockers

Assign a single locker to more than one student.

Annual Rollover

Get ready for the next school year without removing all the students and re-importing them. With the annual rollover feature all the students will be rolled over to the next grade.


The software is available in English, French and Spanish

Department Reservations

Reserve sets of lockers for different groups of students.

Custom Permissions

Custom permission per user, limit user access and enhance security.

Top Features For Students

Self Serve

Allow students to pick their own lockers.

24/7 Access

Students can access their combination and/or receipt from anywhere 24/7.


System will send reminders to the students to cleanup their locker before locker expiry.

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