Locker Management Software for Recreation Facilities - LockerGM
Save Time

Save time, Reduce costs

Proven system reduces staff time to manage lockers. Streamline registration, payments, and much more.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

No IT involvement required. We help you get setup right. Then we train you and you're ready to go.



Lite package starts at only $45/month.

Powerful Admin Features

  • Easy import of client list, locker and lock inventory
  • Easily track and manage your inventory including expiries
  • Easy locker lookup using location maps
  • System generates automatic locker expiry notification to admin and users
  • Generate printable reports for locker expiry, locker repairs and locker status
  • Convenient lock rotation process using smart devices onsite
  • Limit staff activity in accessing the system
Admin Features

Features Customers Will Love

  • Self-service rental process from a mobile device or computer*
  • Secure payment acceptance online*
  • Simple online locker rental, renewal and return*
  • Easy 24x7 look up of locker combination, locker information and printable receipt with Terms & Conditions
  • Locker expiry remainder via email
*Available in full version only

Locker Management Simplified!

Managing a few lockers is one thing. But once you have approximately 500 lockers, you staff will start spending way too much time managing them. And the last thing your business should worry about is dealing with lockers. With a rich set of user-friendly features for your staff and customers who reserve your lockers; LockerGM removes the hassle of managing locker inventory and meeting the needs of your customers who use the lockers.

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Starts at
for 2,000 Lockers

  • Inventory Management
  • Locker Assignments
  • 1 Admin User
  • System Generated Notices
  • Batch Locker Assignment
  • Locker rotation in batch
  • 24X7 Access to Locker Combination for users
  • Email Support
Starts at
for 2,000 Lockers

  • User Portal
  • Integration
  • Self Service locker selection
    for users
  • 5 Admin Users
Lite Features, Plus:
  • Custom Branding
  • Bulk Locker Notices for Users
  • Phone Support
Custom Integration
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  • Department Reservation
  • Credit Card processor
  • Unlimited Admin Users
  • Custom Payment Processor
  • Single Sign on
Standard Features, Plus:
  • User Registration with Verification
Features Lite Standard Custom
# of Admin users 1 5 Unlimited
Locker Assignment
Manage inventory of Lock & Lockers
Manage Users
Automated batch Locker Assignment
Locker Rotation in Batch
Report Generation
Data Import from Excel
Reserve block of lockers for block of users -
Admin Generated Email Notices -
Custom Development - -
Custom Integration - -
Payment Options
Collect payment via -
Collect Payment via LGM provided payment processor -
Custom Payment Processor Integration - -
Support for Admin Users
Email -
Phone -
User Side (For Users)
Self-service rental process from smart device -
Look up Combination 24X7 -
Printable receipt and Terms & Condition 24X7 -
Online locker renewal -
System Generated Email Notices & Reminders -
Self-service user registration with verification -
Custom Single Sign On Integration - -

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