Automate Locker Assignment - Locker Management Solution
Save Time

No More Hassle

Proven system reduces staff time managing lockers. Streamline assigning lockers and easy combination lookup for students.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

No IT involvement required. We help you get setup right and you're ready to go.

Accept Payments

Raise Funds

Easily accept payments to raise funds for your school and spend any way you want

Powerful Admin Features

  • Easy to use admin panel streamlines all aspects of managing lockers at school
  • Easy to tag, track and manage gym lockers under one umbrella also
  • Organize, track and rotate lockers by grades, gender and homeroom, gym room
  • Annual rollover of students, purge graduated students
  • Easy import of student list, lock and locker list
  • Batch locker assignments by gender, grade and homeroom
  • Printable reports and labels for locker assignment
  • Fee collection made easy; collect activity and enhancement fees such as athletic, yearbook, uniform, hot lunches, field trip and other fees
Admin Panel

Features Students Love

  • Self-serve rental process from a mobile device or computer*
  • Online locker renewal*
  • Secure payment acceptance online*
  • Look up combination and maps for locker location 24x7
  • Printable receipt and terms and conditions available 24x7
  • Online locker return
*Available in full version only

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How Can Schools Afford LockerGM?

We realize most schools have tight budgets, but we've packed in all the features you need and priced the software competitively. This will allow us to create a sustainable business and offer all our customers the support they need to use our product.

But we have two strategies for you to reduce or offset the cost of LockerGM.

  • Charge Students a Few Bucks: We'll set up online payment acceptance. If students pay a few dollars each year – you never have to cut us a check. You'll easily cover the cost of a license and likely have money left over to use in whatever way you want. Pay for new gym equipment. Repair lockers. Replace locks. It is your money to use.

  • Take Advantage of our Referral Program: If you refer another school to us that buys LockerGM, you will receive a substantial discount for one year. Refer multiple new customers and you could get LockerGM for free. Refer more than five customers and you start making money.

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Referral Program

If you refer a new customer that purchases LockerGM, you will receive a substantial discount for one year.

Refer multiple new customers and you could have your year paid for in full.

Do You Use LockerManager?

LockerManager® by Acadiem Group is no longer being sold or supported. We can help LockerManager® customers upgrade to LockerGM.

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