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About Us

LockerGM, the market leader in locker management software, offers easy to use software to help schools, universities, colleges and other facilities for recreation and commercial use manage their locker inventory. With a rich set of user friendly features for both administrators and locker users; LockerGM is removing the hassle of managing locker inventory and meeting the needs of people who rent and use lockers.

In a nutshell, we make your life easier, save you time, reduce stress levels and most importantly help you reduce operating costs.

LockerGM makes use of the latest technologies to offer a modern user experience at an affordable price for our customers. LockerGM is available online through a web browser so you don't have to pay for any new hardware, or install any new software; and is optimized for viewing on tablets and smart phones which adds convenience for end-users.


Focus on People, Not Managing Lockers

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Referral Program

If you refer a new customer that purchases LockerGM, you will receive a substantial discount for one year.

Refer multiple new customers and you could have your year paid for in full.

Do You Use LockerManager?

LockerManager® by Acadiem Group is no longer being sold or supported. We can help LockerManager® customers upgrade to LockerGM.

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